Thursday, November 25, 2010

Order your Christmas Cards Now

Getting ready to send out those Christmas cards? Here is a great deal. Vista Print is an exceptional site that offers quality products at low cost. Once you sign up, they send promotional emails with free offers and stellar deals. An insider tip, I've never paid for rushed delivery, and have always gotten my order very quickly far ahead of the projected time. Unless you NEED something immediately, don't be afraid of their projected shipping time table.

I've used Vista Print for business cards, promotional post cards, holiday calendars, pens, stamps and even our save the dates for our wedding. I can't recommend their quality and customer service enough. Follow this link to sign up and receive up to 80% off. You can go to sites such as for additional coupon codes and promotions.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

AMEX cardholders! Support a Small Business Get $25 on Small Business Saturday

What is Small Business Saturday? Glad you asked. For all American Express card holders, if you use your card at any small business that accepts American Express and spend $25 on Saturday Nov. 27th, American Express has agreed to give you a $25 credit on your statement.

What counts as a small business? Apparently any purchase made in person (not online) at a locally owned, non franchised store that has no relation to a corporate chain. What a great way to help out a small business and put a little cash back in your own pocket. American Express has taken to Twitter and Facebook to drum up support.

To sign up, go to

Cash in on Coupons for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn't only the kick off of the holiday shopping's the best time to stock your pantry! So, dig your "junk mail" grocery circulars out of the recycling, sift through your clipped coupons, load up your frequent grocers cards with those digital coupons and hit the stores!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to stock up on baking items, stuffings, canned vegetables, pastas and frozen goods like turkey, rolls and desserts. Some stores offer free birds when you spend a certain amount of money, other stores offer turkeys at pennies per lb. Even if you aren't cooking the big family meal this year, it may be wise to pick one up to stock your freezer.

Ralphs, in Southern California is currently offering a promotion through Nov. 26 to double coupons up to $1, thus racking your savings up to $2. Combined with already low prices, you may even skate out of the store with some freebies. My last shopping trip of $168, we scored for $56.91. Now that's a deal in my book.

Before you go crazy with coupons read this article. It offers tips how to use coupons correctly so you don't end up with a pantry of items you will never use.

If you don't subscribe to the Sunday paper, you can print out coupons online. A popular website is

Most retailers offer frequent shopper programs that offer already reduced rates on their items. What you may not know is there are numerous online sites that now upload coupons directly to you card, so if you are in a hurry or would die handing over your coupons at the counter check them out.

Happy Shopping!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Attention Holiday Shoppers

Gearing up for the holiday season?? Look no further! There are incredible savings to be had online. If you revel in the 2 am wake up calls, chilly mornings awaiting the opening rush of Black Friday, be my guest. Me? I prefer to do my shopping from the comfort of my own home. Pajamas on, feet kicked back, and coffee in hand.

Online shoppers and in store shoppers alike will benefit from this website. This link shows all the retail store's ads in advance. It allows shoppers to make a game plan and take advantage of the best sales. Check it out! You can even enroll to receive specific stores savings in advance.

For our online shoppers, may I suggest a site called ebates? is an all in one, one stop shop. It has current coupon codes for online retailers (extra savings) and offers CASH BACK. Over 1000 stores are part of the ebates program. Every three months ebates sends you a check via mail or paypal. They are excellent at tracking tickets and have prompt payment. Simply follow this link, enroll, and go to each time you shop. Search for your preferred retailer, click through their site and watch your savings add up.

Last but not least, may I suggest to my online shoppers and out of town gift givers, that you wait until Dec. 16 for one big shopping trip. Because the shopping season seems to putter out toward Christmas, over 1000 stores have signed up to offer FREE shipping, no matter your order size on Dec. 16 with a Christmas Eve delivery guarantee.

Couple this offer with ebates cash back and coupon codes and you've a sure fine winner!

Happy Holiday Shopping!


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