Friday, January 21, 2011

Living Social - Lap Up the Luxury

Live it up! For Less!

Livingsocial is another online daily deal club that sends fabulous savings to your email or mobile phone. Choose from the daily deal where you live or from nearby cities. 

Ever dreamed of a fancy vacation? Check out their Escapes. They have amazing discounted hotels and packages at a fraction of retail value.

How does Livingsocial work? They string a great deal in front of your nose, you snatch it up, and then they count on you to get out there and talk them up. If you share the deal with three friends and they purchase it, the deal is yours free of charge. What a great way to score a free trip if you are planning to travel with friends, or eat free at a lady's lunch.

Check out to sign up for local offers.

Get your Groupon!

Want to live the high life, for the right price? Now you can. Check out Groupon. Groupon is a site where you can register your city and they upload a coupon daily at ridiculously discounted rates.

How does it work? Each day a deal is shared within the Groupon community. If you want it, you hit "buy." The trick is, enough people have to "buy" the deal for it to be valid. Ingenious marketing! Depending on how badly you want the deal, they count on us to be their PR firm, get out there, get people hyped and "buy" the deal too.

If enough people purchase it by midnight, your credit card gets charged and it is yours! If enough people don't, you're not stuck with any charges. Membership is free and secure. So, check it out. Get that hour massage you always dreamed of for $20 :)