Sunday, December 12, 2010

How to Find an Online Coupon Code

Ever wonder how to score added savings? Online shopping is a great way to save cash! If you search hard enough, you can usually find free shipping, or enough online savings, that it cancels out shipping cost. Where do you look?

The most effective method, is to google the store name you are looking for with the words "coupon code" or "promo code." A number of specialized coupon and promo sites will pop up.

I've found the best to be: - My favorite thing about this site, is it allows you to sign up for notifications for specific stores. Whenever someone adds a coupon code for the store you want, they will email you immediately. It typically has the most up to date coupons.

Here are some other great sites.

New sites are constantly added, so if you can't find what you are looking for, stick with the "google method."

Another way to make sure you are receiving notifications of sales and coupons is to sign up for your favorite store's email list. I suggest opening a second email account for your "junk" mail. Although most stores do have privacy policies that won't sell your information, they may send you information out every single day which can get a bit tedious.

Good luck!

Double Cash Back "Cyber Monday 2" is here for online Christmas shoppers!!!

Wanting to cash in on your online purchases this holiday? Ebates is offering a promotional Cyber Monday 2 where over 400 stores are offering double cash back.

The big one of the day is 51% cash back at for those of you who waited to renew or stuff your loved ones stockings. If you use the promo code holidaymags you will get an immediate $5 off many top titles.

Wanting to make a personalized gift? Start through ebates and go to the Personalization mall for 15% cash back and use their published 10% immediate savings promo code.

Stores like Origins (8%), NFL Shop (10%), Old Navy (8%), Petco (12%), Yves Rocher (40%), Adidas (12%) and many many others are sure to please the toughest folks on your shopping list.

Sign up, get $5 CASH after your first $25 purchase, and watch your savings accrue. Checks are sent every quarter!

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Comparison Shop From the Comfort of Your Own Home

Unsure where the best deals are? All of that information is at the tip of your fingertips. Whether you use Google, Bing or pretty much any other search engine, there are normally tabs to assist you in surfing the web. You can look for images, news, web topics, shopping, etc

I typically use Google, so I will use that as an example. Type the item you want into the google bar. Look to the upper left side of your screen. It says "web, images, maps, news, shopping, mail, more."

Hit the shopping tab.

A new screen will pop up that will provide you with the starting price at numerous stores. If you want to keep something in a certain budget look to your left. There is a comprehensive guide that will allow you to sort by free shipping, new (not used) items, narrow your price bracket, the materials the items in made of, sizes or features, and nearby stores.

Click the item you want and all the stores that carry it will pop up offering you an easy comparison. You can sort from cheapest price including shipping, base price and more. This feature will also allow you to distinguish if the item is brand new, used or refurbished to prevent any surprises. It will also list the shipping price and total price (including shipping) so you know exactly what your final price will be.

Happy Shopping!

Please refer to my early posts on how to save extra money and get cash back while shopping online.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Store Credit Cards Worth Opening

I've never been one to cram my wallet with excess credit cards, however here are two store credit cards that I think are worth having....IF you pay them off each month and run no risk of racking up credit card debt. I'd never advocate a new temptation!

Kohls - Kohls treats it's customers great. With a Kohls charge not only to do you get to save the day your open it, but Kohls sends it's customers percentage off coupons continuously. With holiday savings passes, pick your day 15% savings passes and the lusted after 30% off coupon, you can take that percentage off your entire transaction including sales and clearance. Kohls also has a Kohls cash program that runs off and on throughout the year when you can get $10 Kohls cash for future purchases with every $50 spent. The savings can really add up.

Macys - Macys is another store that really allows it's customers to cash in. Since opening my card with the initial discount, I've gotten a discount coupon or money off coupon with each bill they send me. Occasionally Macys will run an add for a "WOW" pass in the paper or allow you to print it off onsite, however using your Macys card has the same effect. Since paring with American Express, they offer even more discounts from money back when dining or shopping at one of their partner's establishments. To see an example of the cash beck and discounts they offer please follow this link.

I reiterate, opening any line of credit can be counter productive to living the thrifty lifestyle if you do not do it responsibly. Using any credit card that you do not pay off in full and on time will hurt your credit and cost you more in the long run.

Free Shipping Day Dec. 16, 2011

Ever grimace at paying more in shipping than for the present itself?? On Dec. 17, 2010, over 1000 merchants have agreed to ship free by Christmas Eve.

In 2008 Luke Knowles created free shipping day as a means to amp up the market nearing the holidays. Most online shoppers wrap up their shopping early in the month for fear they won't receive their presents by Christmas. What a neat way for retailers to earn money right up until Christmas, and for us shoppers to save a few bucks along the way!

So, if you can wait that long...hold out and use those savings for some retail therapy for yourself.

Happy Shopping!!!

Make sure to use your cash back site for added savings