Monday, July 4, 2011

FREE Summer Activities for Children

Looking for some FREE summer activities for your children??

Go to and sign up to receive free vouchers for bowling. Over 800 bowling alleys are participating in the program. Every Sunday you will get an email with your coupons for the week. You can sign 6 children up with each account.

Check your local movie theater. A lot of theaters have free kid's movies or reduced rates before noon on specific dates. Reference this site for theaters specific to your region to see what movies they are offering for free.

Many churches offer summer bible school or bible camp. Check your church bulletin.

A lot of cities offer concerts in the park that are typically kid friendly. Check with your cities summer event program.

When in doubt, visit the library. Libraries have story time, summer reading programs and often times scheduled activities.


Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Healthy Way to Earn a Little Cash at

Earn money by giving away online coupons! That's right.

Let me start at the beginning.

On a recent trip to the dentist I was scolded for over brushing. Apparently my enthusiasm for a sparkling smile has taken a toll on my gums. Bryce and I just visited honey farm this past weekend and I recalled reading something about Bee Propolis being good for gums so I tracked down an all natural toothpaste with Bee Propolis.

Always looking for a bargain I googled coupons and found a $5 off code good for new customers. Yay for me! Turns out, yay for the person that posted it too. In order to get new customers sets up referral codes for all new customers. Each person that I refer to the company gets $5 off their first order, and I get 4% of their sale. They in turn get a referral code and get 4% of the sale and I get 3%...and so the process goes.

A bit pyramid-esque, but hey, if I'm shopping there anyway why not. In case any of you would like to check out their products, here is a code to save you $5 and perhaps put 5 cents into my piggy bank towards future orders.

They have a great line of all natural products, vitamins, etc for very reasonable prices.
Coupon code POD190

As always, Happy Shopping!! Enjoy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Win a Dream Vacation for FREE at

Dreaming of a second honeymoon? A babymoon? Just want to get away? is running a contest for you and your sweetie to win a 7 Night Royal Caribean Cruise. Go to for more info. It will instruct you how to upload a clip of your travels together. Once uploaded, get your friends to vote for you to win this romantic vacation!

Good luck!!!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

"Generosity is the Pathway for More"

Please forgive me for a moment if I stray from the purpose of my blog...

As many of you know, I'm a big advocate and supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness, and Cancer Awareness in general. The improvements that have been achieved in diagnosing and treating cancers is incredible.

On May 7, 2011, I will be walking in the Revlon's walk for the cure to raise both awareness and funds to continue research, treatment and support for those dealing with this horrible disease. Cancer can impact anyone, at any time.

Living a thrifty lifestyle means not living in excess beyond your means, but it should never prevent you from supporting a cause or charity you believe in. I encourage you to give what you can. $1, $2 or $100. Thank you for your support.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Living Social - Lap Up the Luxury

Live it up! For Less!

Livingsocial is another online daily deal club that sends fabulous savings to your email or mobile phone. Choose from the daily deal where you live or from nearby cities. 

Ever dreamed of a fancy vacation? Check out their Escapes. They have amazing discounted hotels and packages at a fraction of retail value.

How does Livingsocial work? They string a great deal in front of your nose, you snatch it up, and then they count on you to get out there and talk them up. If you share the deal with three friends and they purchase it, the deal is yours free of charge. What a great way to score a free trip if you are planning to travel with friends, or eat free at a lady's lunch.

Check out to sign up for local offers.