Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Healthy Way to Earn a Little Cash at iHerb.com

Earn money by giving away online coupons! That's right.

Let me start at the beginning.

On a recent trip to the dentist I was scolded for over brushing. Apparently my enthusiasm for a sparkling smile has taken a toll on my gums. Bryce and I just visited honey farm this past weekend and I recalled reading something about Bee Propolis being good for gums so I tracked down an all natural toothpaste with Bee Propolis.

Always looking for a bargain I googled iherb.com coupons and found a $5 off code good for new customers. Yay for me! Turns out, yay for the person that posted it too. In order to get new customers iherb.com sets up referral codes for all new customers. Each person that I refer to the company gets $5 off their first order, and I get 4% of their sale. They in turn get a referral code and get 4% of the sale and I get 3%...and so the process goes.

A bit pyramid-esque, but hey, if I'm shopping there anyway why not. In case any of you would like to check out their products, here is a code to save you $5 and perhaps put 5 cents into my piggy bank towards future orders.

They have a great line of all natural products, vitamins, etc for very reasonable prices.

Coupon code POD190

As always, Happy Shopping!! Enjoy!